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JULY, 2018

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SAP Financial System supports company decision makers, who, today more than ever, have a greater need of quick, relevant and exact information.The SAP Financial System can help you keep an overview in this issue and offers solid financial accounting – including assets accounting, management accounting and reporting functions, that is all elements which SAP ERP provides for a safe decision making.

The SAP Financial System is the base for a thorough, integrated financial administration-solution, including assets accounting, to ensure a compliant and predictable output. It offers support for debitors , creditors, capital assets, stock and the accounting of cash books. These subledgers are fully integrated into General Ledger, so that your financial data is constantly geared to each other and your reports are always correct. Well balanced and reconcilable annual accounts are compiled containing all dimensions of your business uint, your profit center or geographical location.

Accessing up-to-date financial data is an essential decision aid.

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SAP-accounting modules serve as an automation of your company’s accounting systems. The module SAP FI is the most often used module for finance and accounting. The entire process of bookkeeping including all FI-tasks, such as maintenance of ledgers, balances, profit and loss accounts etc. will be automatically administered by SAP Accounting. The key-modules of SAP Accounting are:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Accounting
  • Asset Accounting
  • Funds Management
  • SAP Travel Management

The SAP-Financial System facilitates the administration of data records and transactions in relation to assets, earnings and expenses, both in an automated and an organised way.

“Solid financial and management-accounting that enables a secure decision making.”

In his book “SAP ERP Financials User’s Guide”, Heinz Forsthuber   describes in a very vivid way, how daily tasks in financial accounting can be learnt by SAP ERP.
The book is published by SAP Press and is considered a key-text for accounting when using SAP systems.

Using SAP ERP Financials, the concrete findings can serve for decision making, productivity, efficiency and increasing your company’s responiveness,thus improving your cash flow.

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