SAP HCM ERP is one of the most flexible softwares for HR processes that can be used across sectors.

SAP Human Capital Management

by | Sep 24, 2018

SAP’s Human Capital Management is one of the most essential modules within the SAP system and plays and important role when setting up an organised management within your company.
Before starting with the SAP Human Capital Management-Module, you should get an overview of SAP-essentials, SAP Net Weaver and SAP Solution Manager. For this, the help of an experienced consultant is suggested. Applicants for the HCM Module have to fulfill certain admission requirements, to be allowed to take the SAP HCM-Test. The requirements are based on the educational guidelines determined by SAP AG, which vary from continent to continent. In general, candidates should have one to two years of experience with SAP HCM-Modules with the test. Let’s have a look at the SAP Human Capital Management Module (HCM).

More than a software

Human Capital Management is one of the most important processes in organizations of different sectors. The general concept of Human Capital Management only relates to recruiting. However, HR is far more than recruiting. HR-departments demand more precise and smoother methods of payslips, which the SAP HCM Module provides. SAP HCM’s functions support the personnel department to process and record data for personnel accounting exact and efficiently.

In an organisation, the personnel department does not only recruit, but also separate employees based on several factors, such as departmental level, days of payment, payment details, labels and more. Furthermore, other tasks such as promotions, employees’ motivation and team motivation tasks are maintained by your HR department. While these tasks may seem simple, it is not an easy task to maintain these requirements for all your organisation’s staff. When consulting, we will schedule and resolve strategic questions regarding the integration of talent management, personnel management as well as personnel requirements and transfer into controlling. An experient consultant supports his customers in specific projects, but also in general and strategic thoughts.

Advantages of SAP-Implementation

There are many advantages of SAP-Implementation and the SAP-ERP-enterprise is not an excption. SAP HCM Training helps you to benefit more from the SAP HCM Module. SAP HCM ERP allows to organise a Structure-HR-Process-System in a workstation. Many tasks can be automised, reducing manual work and increasing productivity. The SAP HCM-Configuration enables an optimization of the recruiting process so that companies can hire permanent but also contractual part-time workers and also on a daily base.
Die Implementierung des SAP HCM-Moduls erfordert keine Neugestaltung des gesamten Prozesses. SAP HCM User ist eine flexible Software und ermöglicht es, die neuen SAP-Entwicklungen innerhalb des bestehenden Prozesses anzupassen. SAP hat verschiedene Modelle für verschiedene Prozesse im HR-Management. Zum Beispiel: Jeder Mitarbeiter hat Namen, Mitarbeiter ID, Bezeichnung usw., die vom HR-Team jeder Organisation erfasst werden müssen. Diese Daten können mithilfe von SAP HCM-Tools automatisch erstellt und gespeichert werden. In ähnlicher Weise können Daten auf der Grundlage von Zeitverwaltung, Gehaltsabrechnungsdetails und Arbeitsplänen usw. aufgezeichnet werden. In SAP HCM gibt es verschiedene Untermodelle für unterschiedliche Prozesse. Die Implementierung der SAP Human Capital Management Software bringt erhebliche Herausforderungen mit sich, da sich das Produkt ständig weiterentwickelt und in jedem Release ein neues Feature-Paket enthalten ist. Erfahrene Berater spielen deshalb eine große Rolle, denn eine der größten Gefahren ist das Fehlen von HCM-Produktkenntnissen. Das kann zu fehlgeschlagenen Implementierungen führen. Die HCM-Software hat sich zu einem exzellenten Werkzeug für HR-Manager entwickelt.