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Since May 25, 2018 the new EU-General Data Protection Regulation has gone into effect.
IT-systems in companies have to offer all necessary functions to mask all personal data – to delete those after different retention periods.
In accordance with the EU GDPR all information must be made accessible for the user, if requested…

SAP Financials

SAP Financial System supports company decision makers, who, today more than ever, have a greater need of quick, relevant and exact information.
The SAP Financial System can help you keep an overview in this issue and offers solid financial accounting – including assets accounting, management accounting and reporting…

SAP Information Lifecycle Management

SAP PLM is a product management-suite, which supports companies to achieve integrated and realization-driven innovations, bringing products to suitable markets on time.
It supports your company’s planning, design, creation and administration with greater transparency and control…

SAP Human Capital Management

SAP HCM ERP is one of the most flexible softwares for HR processes that can be used across sectors.
As SAP’s Human Capital Management is one of the most essential modules within the SAP system, it plays and important role when setting up an organised management within…




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