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SAP is our specialty - let us

support you and your company.

Take a look at our consulting fields:


If your well-trained specialists in the HR department spend a large part of their working time on administrative tasks , you know you need to make a change. Human Experience Management (HXM) modules from SAP are ideally suited to make your employees more productive , as their focus can be placed on strategically relevant tasks. Our task in this process is to optimize and adapt the highly effective modules to your specific needs in your company.


We have been dealing with this for more than 20 years and have put SAP HXM components live several times in each release. During our cooperation with you, we develop a deep understanding of the business processes in your company in order to then find the technologically optimal solution . We combine our technical expertise in legal and technical terms with an understanding of the underlying processes in your company.

Use our experience for your personnel processes or your time evaluation as well as for your management.

We create integrated solutions with a high user experience - on premise or on demand.
This experience makes us a consulting partner who will always develop a suitable solution for you, both professionally and technically. As a certified SAP HCM Partner® , we will show you strategically secure scenarios and perspectives with a future tailored to your needs.

Human Experience Management

The reorganization of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR; "DSGVO" in German) has turned out to be a real bogeyman for companies.


Ensuring data security in companies in accordance with EU law has long been standard practice for us. As certified data protection officers and SAP specialists, we know the legal basis and requirements for data protection and, as SAP HXM Experts® , we also know the human resources processes and the SAP data model of your personal data.

So we combine the requirements of the legislature with the management of the data flow in your SAP applications.


The steadily increasing complexity of this subject, combined with ever more refined possibilities of data management, requires profound professional competence . Thanks to our expertise in this field, we understand the sensitive and appropriate handling of your data. We write your data protection, role and authorization concepts and implement them in your SAP systems.


In this way, we protect your personal data in accordance with GDPR and BDSG and delete them securely from your systems with SAP ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) at the end of its use (EOP) and retention period. The underlying complex criteria for storage management are developed individually for your company .

Thanks to this special combination of legal, procedural and technical knowledge, Triple A is your partner for the entire lifecycle of your personal data.

Information lifecycle management

Reduce costs, minimize risk and  optimize your own business processes at the same time?
Our highly qualified consultants work with you to develop analytical solutions tailored to your needs and thus create the basis for satisfying your operational and strategic information needs. Successful decisions are thus made in your company, thanks to our process, which has been perfected over the years!


Creation of a solid database: it depends on the architecture!
A data warehouse (e.g. based on the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)) is loaded with data from various sources. The data is harmonized and stored in the most general and reusable form possible according to business content. They serve as the basis for the implementation of specific business cases, i.e. specific reporting and planning applications.
The resulting Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA/LSA++) is the basis for new optimization processes: Our consultants - based on their many years of experience - work with you to develop the best possible solutions and incorporate them into the renewal process.


Lean data systems are the key to success!
When modeling the data warehouse, the main success lies in the clarity:
Lean systems are more agile and can be adapted more quickly to your changing requirements.
Since Triple A also provides you with the latest developments, we can enable you to dispense with data redundancy and aggregation entirely and to build the analytical application directly on the original documents: These become an integral part of your business applications - your step towards more process efficiency! Benefit from our experience and the possibilities of operational real-time reporting with SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics.

Business intelligence

Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) uses the same principles that have proven themselves in Supply Chain Management (SCM) for decades. Here, however, the focus is not on the physical production process and the flow of information, but on the financial processes within the value chain.


Qualified management of the financial supply chain provides the company with transparency at all times and helps to build stable business processes. The active management of your financial supply chain enables quantitative decision-making processes and helps with short and medium-term financing options.


Customer-related financial functions such as risk assessment, invoicing, receivables and collections are managed within a SAP ERP environment . SAP Financial Supply Chain Management aims to improve the transparency and control of cash processes between a company and its business partners. Requirement profiles for this highly sensitive area can be very different. We modify the software tools developed by SAP in order to design the optimal application for your company . Benefit from our competence, for example, for cost-efficient optimization solutions in operational accounting or in group controlling in application, technology and integration.

You can judge us by the ability to optimize these highly complex tools for you, to develop application profiles and UIs that help you to transform finance from an administrative department into a strategic business partner .

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